More than a portrait.


A day with Steffi, Abbie and Dakota

After meeting Debbie and her wonderful three dogs it a session was soon scheduled in and I could produce some beautiful portraits. So the day came where we had set up a black back drop inside Debbies outback shed, I guess it is not the conventional studio, but with a bit of moving some fishing rods and camping gear we had enough room to start shooting.

Steffi, is the leader of the group, named after the famous German tennis player Steffi Graf, the German Shorthaired Pointer posed like a professional and then moved off set just as quick. I found her to always getting my attention in the room, just like any top flight model, she was the centre of attention most of the day. Her peicing eyes and strong proud face is captured in this georgous portrait. 

In a side not a fellow animal photographer left me this message - "Hi Tony, Wow, what a shot. In my opinion this is as good as it can get. I have seldom seen a dog portrait that carves out that nicely the special characteristics of a dog bread like in this case. For me this is a masterpiece. My congratulations and respects for this perfect shot." Greetings Sebastian Graf

Ironically his last name was Graf, but it was such a nice review of my work that it inspired me to greater things.

Abbie, the Kelpie in her prime and very intelligent you could see her thinking and absorbing all that was new and happing in the make shift studio, I think you can see that in her eyes as well, her contrast of dark black coat with the tan and the matching eyes made for a wonderful portrait full of character and personality.

Dakota a Border Collie, the old girl of the group loves to bark and make herself heard, she lagged behind the other two but made sure she didnt miss out on any of the fun or action, Dakota, a thick coat wearing the years of life on the farm like an old friend.

It was an absolute pleasure doing their portraits and ones I will never forget as the results lead me in a new direction which has landed me in Melbourne today.

Thank you Debbie for allowing me the opportunity to record the memories of your three insanely energetic hounds.